Alessandra Vaccari

Until 2005 manager at Scs Azioninnova, responsible for social and environmental budgeting, now CEO of Indica srl and vice president of Coop Resilia, an innovative start-up. Presently, she operates as a Sustainable Accountability practitioner. She has developed and directed several projects operating in the environmental field and involving public-private partnerships for a number of cooperatives, local authorities and private companies, such as Clear, Lowaste, Ecocourts, and Gaia. She stood on the national Coop working group for surplus goods management and for campaigns against wastes. Until 2014 she was adjunct professor of sustainable development and new tools for local governance at the University of Ferrara. She has written several articles and books, including "Gestire i beni comuni" and "Obiettivo comune", both published by Edizioni Ambiente.
She is a founder member of Impronta etica and GBS, and an author of
Alessandra Vaccari


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