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NOW - No more Organic Waste is a project conducted by the social cooperative CAUTO of Brescia over three years and with the support of the LIFE + Programme of the European Commission. The model developed by NOW collects food items donated by supermarket chains to convey them to the associations that make and distribute meals to people in need. The Food Dispensary acts as a platform that guarantees the quality, traceability and variability of distributed food. By doing so, it avoids discarding precious nutrients, which would otherwise end in the municipal waste stream, thus generating considerable environmental benefits. By creating new employment opportunities it also participates to the advent of an inclusive circular economy. In many ways, it is an innovative experience that anticipates the implementation of the objectives recently expressed by the European Commission in its Communication: “Towards a circular economy: a zero waste programme for Europe issued on July 2, 2014.
We owe to Alessandra Vaccari and Gaëlle Ridolfi of Indica srl – among the major Italian experts on the subject – the modeling, the definition of indicators and macro-indicators, and the analysis of the model.


Ridolfi Gaelle

Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in December 2011 and is working as a consultant in Indica srl since 2012. She is a founding member of start-up Resilia Coop. Her work is centered on the analysis of environmental impacts through Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint, public-private partnerships for sustainable innovation,

and European projects. For some time she worked on urban and environmental design, focusing on urban forestry projects for the compensation of greenhouse gas emissions. She took part in the national Coop working group for surplus goods management and for campaigns against wastes.

Alessandra Vaccari

Until 2005 manager at Scs Azioninnova, responsible for social and environmental budgeting, now CEO of Indica srl and vice president of Coop Resilia, an innovative start-up. Presently, she operates as a Sustainable Accountability practitioner. She has developed and directed several projects operating in the environmental field and involving public-private partnerships for a number of cooperatives, local authorities and private companies, such as Clear, Lowaste, Ecocourts, and Gaia. She stood on the national Coop working group for surplus goods management and for campaigns against wastes. Until 2014 she was adjunct professor of sustainable development and new tools for local governance at the University of Ferrara. She has written several articles and books, including "Gestire i beni comuni" and "Obiettivo comune", both published by Edizioni Ambiente.

She is a founder member of Impronta etica and GBS, and an author of


1. Reasons for initiating NOW

2. The origins of a model

3. Managing fod waste

4. Valuating and transfering the model

5. Concluding remarks





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