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The Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research of the CNR (Italy) held the Annual Conference on May 2018 in Montelibretti (Rome). The abstracts reported in this volume give an idea of how the Institute has evolved to meet the current challenges in atmospheric pollution research, the range of activities in which the Institute is involved, and demonstrate how these activities combine to produce research and innovation which is pertinent to current scientific questions, policy decisions and eventually the well-being of both the environment and society. The Institute’s involvement over the last ten years in European and International research programmes, its increasing role as a source of information and know-how to inform and advise on policy nationally and internationally is an evidence of the relevance of the Institute as a whole, and the quality and stature of the individuals whose daily efforts make it what it is.

Nicola Pirrone

Nicola Pirrone has been Institute's Director of the CNR-IIA (" rel="nofollow"> from October 2008 to June 2018. He is currently Research Director at the same institute and Adjunct Professor at the University of Michigan. During the last three decades he has been Principal Investigator of over 50 research projects funded by major European and international funding institutions (i.e., EC, USEPA, Italian Ministries of Research and Environment, World Bank, GEF, UNEP) and currently coordinates one of the leading European Programs on Earth Observation, the ERA-PLANET (" rel="nofollow"> that involves over 35 university and research institutions from 15 European Countries. During the last 25 years he had an active role as expert member/chair/head of Italian delegations in European, International and National programs and was part of European and international Task Forces related to different aspects of Earth Observation, Environmental Research, Environmental Policy development and Evaluation of research strategies in EU and abroad. He is currently the chair of the GEO Flagship "Global Observation System for Mercury – GOS4M" (" rel="nofollow">, the GEO Principal of Italy (" rel="nofollow">, and Chair of the UNEP Global F&T Partnership. In 2017 he was designated by the Presidency of European Union as European Representative in the ad-hoc group on Effectiveness Evaluation of the Minamata Convention.

Major achievements of the CNR Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research (CNR-IIA) during the last decade (2008-2018)
From data to knowledge: the virtual laboratory
Multisource Earth Observation (EO) data for ecosystems monitoring
Low-cost and eco-friendly sensors for air monitoring
Coal fired power plants in italy from past to future
Major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances focus more than 40 years after the Seveso accident
Climate change, natech events and required adaptation
Environmental risk assessment for some additives used in hydrocarbon extraction activities into the sea
Air quality zones in Italy    
Air quality and climate change policies
Harmonization of national regulations in the field of acoustic pollution with european legislation
The Kigali amendment to the Montreal protocol for a worldwide phase down of the potent greenhouse gases, Hfcs
Green public procurement: a lever to contribute to mitigation and adaptation to climate change and to disseminate circular economy models
Industrial areas and human health: the “CISAS” project
The “aerotrazione con biocarburanti” (ABC) project: biofuels in aviation
Renewable energy and biofuels: the support of CNR-IIA to the energy transition
Smurbs. Migrants in smart cities: the contribution of EO data
Igosp – integrated global observing systems for persistent pollutants
Study of the snow cover in the Icupe project    
An integrated system for multiscale analysis of ecoystem functions and services in protected areas with eo data in support to Geoss in ecopotential project
Earth big data challenges: the Geoss experience
Gmos global network and its key role in the framework of international program and the minamata convention implementation
Gmos network and the unep-gef project to develop a monitoring plan for human exposure to and environmental concentrations of mercury
Gos4m: the geo flagship to support the Minamata convention on mercury
The energic OD project: a brokering approach for facilitating access and use of geospatial open data
Isaac: project increasing social awareness and acceptance of biogas and biomethane
Mercox – metrology for oxidized mercury
How science supports policy in the implementation of the Minamata convention
era-planet management: some key aspects
Recent climate change: from causes to impacts on extreme events and air quality
New chemicals and perspectives in the health and environment risk evaluation
Chemical characterization of ultrafine particles emitted from cement plants
Overview of technologies for improving energy efficiency from energy intensive industries derived from the italian national experience in Ippc permit licensing
Characterization of emissions from a straw-fed thermal power plant of wheat and rice straw
Technologies for biogas and biomethane
Methodology for evaluation air quality and mobility policy in 14 big italian city 2006-2016
Chemical characterization of pm10 and pbaps determination in indoor academic environments
Potential of indoor dust analysis in the air quality assessment
Building up the national database of pm chemical speciation in the framework of IAS – Italian Aerosol Society
Radon progeny in the arctic region
Conductive and optical sensors for toluene detection based on electrospinning technology
Environment–gene interactions and susceptibility to neurodegenerative mercury effects
Supporting actions to Basilicata region government: environmental quality in agri river valley
Organomercury compounds in biological samples: analytical approach for a thorough determination
Investigation of carbonaceous compounds and trace elements occurance in particulate matter at Monte Curcio observatory
Microextraction techniques and microwave-assisted extraction: a new combined approach for the analysis of the pollutants associated to the airborne particulate matter
Analytical approaches for the determination of total and speciated mercury in environmental waters
Marine aerosol study across the mediterraneanean sea: spatial distribution and potential sources of organic compounds
Assessment of carbonyl compounds in indoor and outdoor air
Implementation of sensors on monitoring systems for environmental, aerospace and food applications
Empirical mode decomposition and long-term hg0 evasion from the oceanic surface driven by temperature
Teleconnections between ENSO, NAO and mercury: global atmospheric patterns during 2001-2015
Land cover change detection using copernicus services and sentinel-2 data
Sentinel-1 sea surface wind in coastal areas
Belharmony project: harmonization of time series on water target by vicarious calibration
A model for seasonal forecast at sub-regional scale over italy as a tool for long-range assessment of air quality
Optical alteration of the spectral behaviour of components in hvac systems
Satellite remote sensing for asbestos-cement surfaces mapping
Observing systems at global and regional scale: from data quality to knowledge
A word is not enough: terminology tools for eo and cryosphere
100 years later WWI: geodatabase and gis on toponyms along the italian front
Hyperspectral imaging analysis for pe and pvc separation
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